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Modern manufacturing process for the fabrication of Residence windows.

Improves the strength of the window and eliminates the need for glass bonding.

At HS Trade, we have invested in purpose-made German machinery which allows us to mill the plastic in a form that when welded together gives the perfect joint. This joint is perfectly sealed and will not open, crack or move in time before this process the plastic had to be screwed and glued the same as timber windows.

This process is called the authentic timber weld and will revolutionise the industry but Residence windows will lead the way in this technique due to the wall thickness and the number of chambers in the profile.

The advantages of these are that the internal weld strength is increased dramatically as well as the rigidity of the profile after it has been milled both of these give us the market-leading edge for this form of fabrication.

Offer your customers the next generation of UPVC window; meet current design trends and boost your profit margins.

At HS Trade, we supply Residence windows to trade customers including Residence 7 and Residence 9 windows & doors. The Residence collection combines the modern appearance and unquestionable market-leading features and performance in a maintenance-free material.

They are available as casement windows, shaped windows, bay and bow windows, orangeries, conservatories, single doors, French doors, sash windows, and more. Their incredibly versatile design coupled with our handcrafted manufacture gives your customers the best choice and variety of door and window systems.

Residence windows, both R7 & R9 windows, offer high quality timber effects, high performance, and top thermal efficiency.

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We're one of the UK's only approved fabricators, for a system that outperforms all others on the market.

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    Achieved one of the highest classifications on the British Standard weather test.
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    Designed to complement both traditional and modern properties
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    Can achieve outstanding thermal energy rated and acoustic performance by offering both 28mm double glazed or 44mm triple glazed sealed units
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    7 Chambered profile
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    U values able to reach PassivHaus standard 0.8 Uvalue
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    Fluted corner posts and defined plinth detailing to create perfect bays or conservatories
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    Whilst other companies decrease wall thickness to save money, Residence increases it. It is made to CEN A, which is the highest classification in Europe.
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    Clever design for additional screw retention for locks and hinges
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    Georgian bar is slim and stylish external with a deep decorative detailing inside that replicates traditional timber windows
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    Easy clean rebates
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    Large colour range in stock

Give your customers the ability to match their individual style. Expertly designed to meet current and anticipated future standards

We supply a range of glazing beads to personalise Residence Collection windows. Choose from square or decorative in either 28mm or 44mm.

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    Weather bar and mullion stiffeners to replicate timber windows
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    Handles from traditional monkey tail to modern pear handles
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    Can achieve outstanding thermal and acoustic performance by offering both 28mm double glazed or 44mm triple glazed sealed units
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    Peg stays to match handles that can be both working or dummy.
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    Authentic butt hinge that again can be working or dummy.
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Infuse a classic heritage design into nearly any door or window.

Personalise your Residence Collection windows and doors with bespoke hinges, handles and stays.

At HS Trade, we pair our Residence doors and windows with distinctive Regal Hardware. Our heritage-style hardware, exclusively available at Window Ware, offers impeccable finishes, captivating designs and top-notch craftsmanship to meet the expectations of the most discerning customers.

Regal Hardware products are crafted to seamlessly integrate with both standard 70mm profiles and flush sash systems. This means customers can either preserve the original character of a period property or effortlessly infuse a touch of individuality into a modern home. Choose from nine distinct finishes in both the monkey tail and pear drop variants.

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At our East Midlands factory we fabricate Residence windows to the highest standards, ensuring you can deliver a top-quality product to your customer.

Our Residence fabricated R9 & R7 windows offer enhanced aesthetics and more dependable weather ratings.

The authentic timber weld compared to all other welding techniques  (diagonally/ graf)  has to be so more exact in every process from cutting to milling to welding which means that the end product is so much more precise than the diagonally welded Upvc.

With standard Upvc the weld tolerance is +/- 3mm while with the authentic timber weld this is +/- 0.5mm which means that the final window the sightlines are perfectly accurate around the vents which not only gives better aesthetics but also means the weather ratings are more dependable.

We're already trusted by 100s of installers & trade customers across the UK!

Our mission statement is a simple one, to deliver the very best products, highly competitive prices and back all that technical expertise up with fanatical customer support.  We value your custom and our focus is building long term relationships so you have a supplier you can rely upon 100% for every single order you place. We believe our care and attention to our customers is why we have such a loyal customer base. So why not contact HS Trade today, and see what we can do for you?

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Our focus is building long-term relationships so you have a supplier you can rely upon 100% for every single order you place. We believe our care and attention to our customers is why we have such a loyal customer base.

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