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    10-year guarantee

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    Range of luxury colours, finishes, & laminations

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    A++ Energy Rating

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    0.8 U-value


If you're looking for a top-quality supply only uPVC windows manufacturer who can offer you a great deal, then you've come to the right place.


At HS Trade, we are fabricators of the bespoke Aluplast trade UPVC windows supply only, which is not only expertly-made but is well known and trusted by homeowners. This complete window system is easy to fit for installers, and made to measure, making it a valuable investment.

We can supply a range of systems for every style of uPVC window, giving your customers the choice of how they want their windows to look to complement their home. Have special requirements and dimensions for your windows? no worries, we fabricate the UPVC windows ourselves at our factory to ensure you get the best quality and best possible fit with our made to measure systems - We also do this for a Residence Windows

Energy-efficient, accredited and kitemarked windows, that exceed building requirements and PAS 24.

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    We are proud to fabricate the Twentyfour-seven UPVC suite from Aluplast. The complete range has been designed to be simple to install.

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    Cost-effective and high-quality

    Aluplast provides the right balance between being cost-effective for your customer and high quality that has future efficiency at the heart of the production process.

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    Our supply of trade UPVC windows can achieve any Window Energy Rating, including A+ rated windows and even A++ with double glazing.

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    Last for 40+ years, and can then be recycled

    At HS Trade, we use quality recycled materials wherever possible. These UPVC windows have a BES 6001 for responsible sourcing and ISO 14001 for the environmental policies. The Aluplast PVC-U systems have an expected lifespan of 40 years, though often last longer and can then be recycled. 

Did you know? We promote sustainability in our factory, with our commitment to recycling waste materials.

All offcuts including plastic swarf are sent to a recycling company who recycle the plastic and then return the plastic to us in the form of RCM (recycled composite material) reinforcement. This uPVC gets stronger when it is recycled one of the few products in the world that can claim to do this. This plastic has a life span of 35 years and can be recycled up to 10 times.


Close that sale by impressing your customer with a five-chamber system that helps to minimise energy use.

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    PCE gasket creates a superior weather seal that improves installation performance
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    Localised profile thickening improves hardware anchorage
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    Easy to glaze click-fit single leg bead
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    10mm seal overlap on all casement sash windows to increase weather performance
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    28mm and 44mm glazing options

HS Trade are the experts in trade UPVC window fabricators of the well-known, exceptional Aluplast UPVC Windows brand. This British design is made for British homes, with systems that are made to endure the ever-changing weather conditions. These systems don't only have amazing features, such as five chambered energy-efficient design and a low line gasket which offers optimum lasting performance but respects the country's heritage, architectural styles and traditions - making it the standout choice for UK homes.

The trade UPVC windows are more than just a technically advanced system that meets building regulations - it's easy to install but also it's a reflection of the Aluplast brand. These supply only UPVC windows are confident, reliable, high-performing and ethically sound. For your customers, it offers the complete package as there really is something for everyone.

As manufacturers and suppliers to tradespeople, and DIY, we can take bespoke specifications on sizes and window types including tilt and turn windows, casements, sash, no sash and more. Just contact our friendly team via the contact form or give us a call for fast lead times!

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