HS Trade window and door supplier
HS Trade window and door manufacturers and suppliers

Our team are able to provide fast turnaround on all orders, even one-off designs.

We deliver on price, quality & service, meaning you can grow your business through us.

Fast and flexible turnaround (yes, even if it's out of hours!)

  • We get that you want the very best deal. Every order.
  • Our entire setup has been founded on unrivalled customer service. All of our key contacts have our mobile numbers, and we're happy for you to call any time so we can help. Larger companies, struggle to sort day to day issues out but at HS Trade, we make you our priority.

Exceptionally competitive pricing

  • We're committed to your business success.
  • Value for money is at the heart of our service and we're constantly monitoring our pricing structure to offer you the most competitive prices we believe are available in our industry today. Choosing HS Trade will give you great prices, first-class quality products and superb ongoing support for your trade windows and doors.

Why HS Trade?

The top reasons our customers keep coming back to us...

  • We act as your outsourced manufacturing team

  • Fast and flexible turnaround

  • Direct delivery in unbranded vans

  • Expert advice & support 24/7

  • Guaranteed quality

  • Manufactured in the East Midlands